SCA Tork Intuition Roll Towel – HPSCA5511281

Height: 14.6″. Depth: 8.1″. Length: 8.1″. Width: 13.2″.


Introducing a new way to simplify the restroom experience. The tork elevation intuition dispenser presents the most advanced electronic system in the industry today. The touch-free electronic tork elevation intuition virtually eliminates cross contamination while cutting back on supply waste. Each unit features a choice of two dispensing modes. The towel remains inside the cabinet until the user activates the sensor, delivers maximum hygiene. An adjustable towel length of 8 inch to 24 inch and a stub roll compartment combine to deliver more precise control of consumption are a few of the features available. Batteries lasts up to 40 rolls on average with normal usage. It’s easy to REACH and simple to reload. Versatile installation- elevation intuition can be mounted directly to wall or within a recessed compartment.