The KaiFly system combines microfiber, window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful biopollutants. In tests conducted by an independent NELAP-accredited laboratory, the KaiFly system removed greater than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only. System includes 1 trowel, 1 hand-held squeegee, 1 battery powered motorized sprayer, 1 quart bottle, 1 holster, 1 monster hook and 5 microfiber pads. KaiFly is scientifically proven to clean at least six times better than towels or wipes. Plus, in bacteria testing, it was found that cleaning with microfiber towels or rags left approximately 80 times more bacteria behind on average. In addition, conventional cleaning methods, such as microfiber towels or rags, are typically less effective as workers clean more and more surfaces. This cross-contamination can leave the last surface cleaned with two to eight times more soil than the first surface cleaned. KaiFly maintains equal effectiveness regardless of the number of surfaces cleaned and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and disease transfer. Ergonomically designed, KaiFly also cleans in half the time or less than traditional methods. Spraying diluted cleaning chemical directly onto the microfiber pad allows for quicker and more even application on surfaces. The squeegee then finishes the job by simultaneously removing soils and drying surfaces in one swipe. KaiFly also eliminates the circular scrubbing motion typically used with towels and rags, relieving strain on workers’ backs and shoulders.