We offer all kinds of products ranging from chemical products to odor control substances, a variety of skin care, hand sanitizers, and personal hygiene products. We also carry paper and tissue dispensers, mops, brooms and brushes, TRR bowl cleaners, floor finishes and equipment. Different floor finishes can have a major impact on both the level of maintenance required and the long-term look of your wood and VCT floors. We offer a variety of floor finishes to give you just the level of shine you’re looking for, including gloss sheen, satin sheen, and matte sheen options. For a durable and water-resistant protective coating, go with a film-forming surface finish. Whatever your floor needs, trust Smith & Jones to provide high quality floor finishes. We also provide floor and carpet care, facility maintenance and safety, storage and materials handling, waste receptacles, bags and can liners, laundry and food service. We are your single source in the Columbia, SC area for janitorial supplies!